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There can be many reasons to apply for a loan online or The best personal loans, from emergencies, personal projects, such as an event, a wedding, paying debts, school credits or many more situations, but there are also many factors that you have to take consider before resorting to this solution.

Personal loan

Personal loan

One of the main tips is that the duration of a personal loan should not be longer than the life of what is being financed. You will not want to continue paying fees for something you already enjoyed a long time ago, that you have stopped using or that are already falling old. For this reason, it is not advisable to ask for long loans to finance vacations, parties or weddings; or the loan for a car should not have a longer term than the useful life of the vehicle, for example.

In addition, the longer the term, the lower the monthly fee will be, but the total cost will be higher because you will be paying interest for longer. This is why short-term loans are a very good solution. There are multiple options on the market that offer loans to pay in maximum 30 days, or up to three months, and that are a great option when you are looking to get out of an emergency or finance something in the short term, since you also avoid the commissions that often exist for early cancellation.

Something that you also have to take into account are the interest rate, the opening and cancellation fees, the repayment term and the amount of the monthly fee. The interest rate is the most important, since it is the price that the financial institution will charge you for lending you the money you need. In addition to comparing the different offers, you should not only look at the nominal interest, but the commissions that can be applied to your loan. Some loans may have a low nominal interest, but many commissions for other concepts (opening, cancellation, partial repayment, socioeconomic study, etc.). If you add all the concepts, you can discover that a loan with 3% nominal interest can be more expensive than another with 5% interest, but with fewer commissions, for example. This is also a point in favor of short-term loans, because being a limited time, it has much less commissions for account management or similar.

Although it sounds logical, you can often lose sight of the fact that to access some of these opportunities, certain requirements are also necessary. Before granting you a loan, the credit institution will carry out a feasibility study to assess your ability to pay, which mainly contemplates your monthly income and your payment commitments with other outstanding debts, including credit card balances or other loans, to estimate if you can pay the loan installments without difficulties.

For this, the requirements that are requested are usually the same in almost all financial institutions, including official identification, proof of income, work references, payment receipts and proof of address, although there are new options such as short-term loans online They only take into account very basic requirements, such as being over 18 years old, residing in Mexico, having a debit bank account, an email and a telephone number. In addition to facilitating the process and avoiding paperwork, being online you can get your loan in just 15 minutes.

Short term online loans

Short term online loans

A detail of short-term online loans that is also very attractive is that by beginning to make a positive credit history with your financial institution, you can start enjoying certain additional benefits, such as preferential interest rates and broader loans with longer terms These conditions vary from entity to entity, so it will always be good to see what benefits are offered to you after completing the payment of your first loan.

So you know, short-term loans can be a very useful tool to solve any emergency, help you fulfill a project or access better financing for your business, all you have to do is find the best option for you and Take advantage of the benefits that these can bring you.

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